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Common questions answered

planned vs impulse

Are your shoppers’ planners or impulse buyers?

42% of us purchase ice-cream impulsively

  • What is this for your brand and category?
  • How do you tap into the planned vs the impulse occasion?

Speak to shoppers soon after their shopping trip to understand their real motivations behind the purchase.

loyal vs player

Are your shoppers loyal or are they ‘players’?

46% of us visit multiple retailers in one day

  • Does this mean more opportunities for your brand, or less?
  • What drives this behaviour?

Review retailers across all channels to truly understand your competitive set. Plus, use time and date receipt capture for more detail than ever before.


Are you unintentionally blocking potential shoppers?

26% of shoppers considering coffee brand x didn’t buy it because they couldn’t find it

  • What are the barriers to buying your brand?
  • Why did they choose your competitor?

Don’t wait to ask after the event, speak to shoppers about their decisions at fixture and get accurate answers and insight.


To see how Worldpanel Plus, a brand-new insight tool, uses the mobile app Shoppix to uncover motives behind any shopping trip, in any store, whenever and wherever.

Watch our video to get the bigger picture

How Worldpanel Plus works


  • Identify new channels and retailers to help reach new shoppers and opportunities for your brand
  • better understand your wider competition with a much broader coverage of channels and outlets
  • Understand shopper behaviour across new categories


  • learn from more shoppers in more buying circumstances than ever before
  • understand your shoppers behaviour beyond their grocery purchasing
  • better understanding of why shopper’s make their choices through brand specific questions triggered by real purchase behaviour


  • make faster business decisions
  • unlock shopper’s real motivations closer to the moment of purchase
  • unlock understanding of seasonal events just after they've happened

Broader channel and sector coverage than ever before

The app behind Worldpanel Plus: Shoppix

Receipt capture

Panellists photograph their receipts using the camera on their smartphone. Shoppix then captures the retailer name, product detail, total spend, price paid and exact date and time. No more guessing about specifics and product detail, all at the ‘click’ of a smartphone camera!


Target specific demographic groups with your questions or target those that buy a certain product or exhibit certain behaviours – as soon as they’ve done it. Shoppix surveys allow you to better understand the why behind the buy (or not), closer to the moment of truth.


Panellists are incentivised to keep regular logs of their shopping behaviour and attitudes through the Shoppix game. In return, panellists receive tokens and scratch cards which result in vouchers to spend with a range of retailers. The more receipts and surveys you log, the more you win!

Worldpanel Plus and Kantar Worldpanel: your integrated solution

Leading insight

The biggest and best quality panel data in the UK

  • 80k panellists
  • 64 Million items scanned
  • 17,000 facias
  • Over 9 Million receipts
  • 29 industries, 1,356 markets
  • A holistic view of your shoppers behaviours and attitudes

Unrivalled expertise

Turning records into usable data and actionable insights

  • 60+ years experience
  • 300+ shopper behaviour experts
  • 200+ panel quality experts
  • 550+ clients
  • We’re the voice of the market.
  • Find out more.

Keep it simple

Don’t worry about data source, focus on what’s key to grow

  • Scanning AND receipt panels
  • The most comprehensive read of consumer transactions in the UK
  • Incentivisation beyond Grocery
  • The broadest quantifiable capture of ‘lost’ opportunity anywhere
  • Incremental and complementary insights - Categories, Brands, Shoppers & Consumers

Only Worldpanel Plus and Kantar Worldpanel can provide the full picture

Kantar Worldpanel

Kantar Worldpanel is the global expert in shoppers’ behaviour. Through continuous monitoring, advanced analytics and tailored solutions, Kantar Worldpanel inspires successful decisions by brand owners, retailers, market analysts and government organisations globally.

With over 60 years’ experience, a team of 3,500, and services covering 60 countries directly or through partners, Kantar Worldpanel turns purchase behaviour into competitive advantage in markets as diverse as FMCG, impulse products, fashion, baby, telecommunications and entertainment, among many others.

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There’s plenty of shoppers on the high street

The High Street wins 40% of all receipts in physical stores

40% 66% of all receipts in physical stores - 3 receipts a week per person

Trips are lower value, day to day items

The average trip is worth £15 vs £19 average in all physical stores

Big brands are important, but the High Street is highly fragmented

The top 20 stores make up 60% Of ALL High Street receipts

A lot of us visit the High Street but loyalty is hard to come by

99% of us visit the High Street - We visit stores on average

Stay tuned for more on the high street next month.

Based on 29,000 respondents and 1.38m receipts over the last 16 weeks.

Tis’ the season for jolly smart shoppers

60% of us tried to shop smarter to help manage budgets

The Christmas shopping season was stretched by smart shoppers

Nearly ½ shopped more online this year, seeking savings on time, hassle and money

Not such a jolly time for the high street, with an overall decrease of 5% purchases YOY

Based on 32,329 Shoppix app responses in December and a YOY comparison across 5 weeks ending Christmas eve.

The ups and downs of Christmas shopping: our predictions

Click here to read more on each prediction

The ups and downs of Christmas shopping: our predictions

Premium: Higher than last year
We expect shoppers to spend £1.1Bn on premium private label over the Christmas quarter. Combine this with an extra shopping day vs last year, 2019 promises to be a bumper Christmas for the Grocery Retailers.

Purchasing: Spend on the Saturday before Christmas will be higher than ever before​
The biggest single shopping day will be Saturday, December 22nd where we expect to see a whopping £770M go through the tills. The Friday before Christmas has been the biggest day in the last two years, however, this year's extra shopping day will mark a shift to the Saturday.

Promotions: Lowest levels since 2008
We expect to see levels of spend on promotion drop to 34%, the lowest level at Christmas since 2008.

Planning: Higher levels of shopping around Saturday, Sunday and Monday before Christmas
There will be more ‘shopping around’ in the 72 hour run-up to Christmas as we visit more stores in order to find all the specific items required for this important event.

Place – department stores: Lower number of trips
Will Mike Ashley be Father Christmas for the Department Stores? We don’t think so. Department Store share of trips will decline.

Party On: Highest spend on Out of Home than ever before
Despite budget pressures, we’ll buy on average five main meals out of home and nine hot drinks in the month of December, spending more than ever before on food and drink.

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Is Argos the forgotten element of the potential Sainsbury’s and Asda merger?

There’s plenty of shopper cross-over but not so much awareness

Shoppers happy to see expanded range of non-grocery products in Asda...

...and most keen on seeing more homeware and toys

Argos in Asda could serve the needs of time-poor shoppers

To see more insight, including Black Friday 2017, click here
Based on 17,216 Shoppix app responses in November, 2018.

Has our enthusiasm for organic been squashed, or are we just confused?

Key organic categories have gone into decline…are we looking at another 2008 dip in organic?

From March 2003, organic continued to grow, hitting £97m in February 2008.

But, by September 2008 it was down to £77m.

Does the organic market have too many light buyers?

...spend less than
£40 A YEAR!

Is there confusion around the organic proposition?

“They are too expensive”

“Very important”
or “important”

...particularly around natural vs organic.

“I buy organic food”

“I buy natural products”

What “Natural” means to us:

The above uses Kantar Worldpanel and Worldpanel Plus data. Points 1 and 3: Organic Grocery by Sector – 52 w/e 09 Sep 18. Point 2: Historic Kantar Worldpanel data from 03-08. Points 4-6 are Worldpanel Plus, based on a Shoppix survey from 34,297 panellists, sample is not nationally representative, October 2018

Buying birthday presents? It’s a piece of cake according to our panellists.

To celebrate Worldpanel Plus turning one, we’ve looked at how our panellists find buying birthday gifts

Buying a present is not only easy-peasy, it’s a delight!!

“It was a pleasure!”

“It was a bit stressful”

“Quite stressful”

“Very stressful!”

...Top presents promise fun, style and something sweet.

Toys, games or sports equipment

Clothing or accessories

Chocolates or confectionery

We’re full of confidence that we’ve nailed the present...

Not many of us are looking for hints.

“I usually keep them happy”

“I’m a natural at buying pressies”

“I could do with hints”

“They always ask for the gift receipt!”

Based on 733 Shoppix app responses from those buying cards and/or wrapping paper for a Birthday. Collected 16 -18 Sept.

Looking for an experience - how do your customers like to feel? Nostalgic, environmentally conscious and house-proud

Fewer than 1 in 10 people have no emotional engagement with where a product is sourced

40% are attracted to products that make them feel nostalgic

57% feel better when buying environmentally friendly brands

49% think it’s worth spending on entertainment technology to make their home more enjoyable

Available now, Kantar Worldpanel’s new paper on the power of experiences: How Does That Make You Feel?

World Cup: It’s coming home… for alcohol anyway

We did better than expected! Shoppers who bought alcohol predicted quarter-final success 30 minutes after England’s first match…

44% are more concerned

...and as the week went on, more of them were buying booze in preparation for the game

70% plan to switch or use less most of us planned to watch the games at home

44% are more concerned

So retailers! In future, timing is everything: push your instore marketing 2 days before

70% plan to switch or use less

Based on 3,798 shoppers that purchased alcohol during the run-up to England’s first World Cup game on 18th June. Within 30 minutes of the game finishing, we re-contacted the same people to see if their predictions had changed.

Plastic recycling – a real concern or a load of rubbish?

People are becoming more concerned about single-use plastics...

44% are more concerned

...with the majority of us planning to shop more sustainably

70% plan to switch or use less

...but more education is required on products containing plastic

Low awareness of where plastic’s included

...with plastic bags, fizzy drink bottles and straws most at risk of being replaced or used less

Top 3 items for those who will buy an alternative
Top 3 items for those who will reduce use

Based on 21,545 Shoppix app responses, collected on 11 May

Sainsbury’s and Asda: what 10,864 shoppers immediately think

4 out of 5 shoppers are OK with the proposal

Is the merger a good thing for shoppers?

44% are more concerned

Despite concerns, shoppers hope for wider ranges and more promotions

What do you think will happen in the stores?

70% plan to switch or use less

Choice, quality and price are top of mind worries


70% plan to switch or use less

Sainsbury’s shoppers think prices will drop, Asda shoppers fear they will rise

70% plan to switch or use less

10,864 Shoppix app users responded to questionnaire by Tuesday morning after proposed Sainsbury’s/Asda merger formally announced on Monday 30 April


My Easter DIY journey included
My Easter DIY journey included

Individual receipt level data taken from Shoppix app users over Easter weekend (Fri 30th March - Mon 2nd April)


Family time

Family time

Eating out

Eating out







When asked if we were planning anything over Easter Holidays, spending time with family is the most popular activity (either hosting or visiting) followed by eating out and cleaning.

20,861 results were collected over 3 days.


It’s more about quality time...

It’s more about quality time...

...and simple gifts and gestures...
The top five gifts received this year





Chocolate & confectionery

Chocolate & confectionery

Handmade card

Handmade card

Special meal made at home

Special meal made at home

% of total respondents (n=5,485)


It’s too commercialised

It’s too commercialised

I don’t like to be spoiled

I don’t like to be spoiled

Eating in is the
NEW eating out

Eating in is the NEW eating out

Sometimes a card
says it all...

Sometimes a card says it all...

...and size doesn’t matter...

It’s too commercialised


In the lead up to Christmas, we visit more food shops, clothing stores and restaurants.

On the Saturday before Christmas, shoppers are keen to do the grocery shopping early

Worth £747 million* in grocery sales, Friday was the biggest shopping day of the year…

...Retailers needed to be prepared for last minute top up shoppers on the Sunday

Convenience, offers and price determine where we do our Christmas shop

Although not the primary driver, product awards are important to discounter shoppers...

Store choice for discounters and supermarkets is driven by the same categories

Finally, what might make shoppers change their store choice at Christmas?


Black Friday increases trips for several retailers but not grocery

Black Friday increases trips for several retailers but not grocery

Electronic shoppers are the Black Friday planners and deal-grabbers

Electronic shoppers are the Black Friday planners and deal-grabbers

We DO use Black Friday to buy Christmas Gifts

We DO use Black Friday to buy Christmas Gifts

Black Friday instore experiences are hellish for some

Black Friday instore experiences are hellish for some


Pumpkin sales peak early as shoppers don’t want to miss out

Pumpkin sales peak early as shoppers don’t want to miss out

44% are scared of creepy crawlies, yet spider- themed items are the most popular

44% are scared of creepy crawlies, yet spider- themed items are the most popular

You don’t have to love Halloween to buy themed items

You don’t have to love Halloween to buy themed items

Scary film goers spend most on confectionery, are they the most invested in Halloween?

Scary film goers spend most on confectionery, are they the most invested in Halloween?

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